Payroll Solutions

We provided outsourced payroll services to companies of all sizes. Staffed by experienced professional specialists.  When thinking about outsourcing your payroll, it is essential to consider the depth of payroll experience any potential company can provide.

Because we deal with the complexities of legislation, taxation and processing on a daily basis every client is provided with a professional, legally compliant and innovative payroll solution which is matched perfectly to their needs. We work closely with your staff during payroll setup and transfer process to ensure our service is designed specifically to you and that your on-going payroll provision continues to evolve to meet future business trends.

You can be sure that your payroll will be processed on time every time, at less cost than you might imagine.


Our services include and are not limited to:
  • Initial consultation, transition and setup of your payroll service
  • Online company access to the system
  • Maintenance, setup and removal of employees throughout the payroll year
  • Automatic payroll process and payment to your employees
  • Automatic calculation and payment for federal and estate payroll taxes.
  • Preparation and file for forms 941, C3, 940, W2, W2, 1099 and 1096.
  • E-verify and background check for employees
  • Company and employees handbooks.
  • Worker's Compensation insurance.
  • Obama Care program
  • Health insurance, retirement plans (401K) and other deductions.

Proudly working with ADP